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Angel Wings
Learning Center


Nothing fills a child's heart more than a safe environment and activities designed to nurture emotional, academic and spiritual growth.

We offer:
•Discovery play
•Activities that build social skills
•Curriculum designed to help your child excel in basic academic skills.

We have special guests that come to visit and help teach your children in a fun and impacting way:

Monte, the monkey teaches social skills.
Carlos, the caterpillar teaches counting with his 20 feet!

Spiritual​ Training

Breakfast is over, and the children are all excited about circle time. They sit down in a circle and learn days of the week, counting, phonics, letter and number recognition. Then, the fun begins! The musical instruments come out and the children sing songs about bear hunts, counting and Bible related subjects.

Sing it again! Sing it again!

We hear this often, especially with the songs that tell them how Jesus loves them, and bible related themes. We do not teach doctrine, just basic Bible stories that fill your child's heart with wonder.

On Thursday afternoon, the chidren LOVE chapel. Here they learn the pledges to the American flag, Christian flag, and the Bible. They hear bible lessons about God's super-heros, learn to pray, and sing.